(This is suicide note, copy is attached herewith, of cotton farmer GOVINDA JUNGHARE age 55, of village METTIKHEDA, in YAVATMAL District in VIDARBHA (India) who committed suicide on 10th April 2007 after Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s well advertised Vidarbha package for distressed Indian farmers.
Land of Snake Charmers dressed up as Politicians ? )

Police Station Officer,
Police Station,

I humbly submit that applicant Govinda Zeetruji Junghare at Post Mettikheda, Taluka Kalamb, District Yavatmal, the home state of Indian Agriculture and Cricket Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar.

Subject : My family shocked as farm land is without being sowing any crop. How can we live without doing farming ?

I have no bullock for farming my land.

I have no money for seed, what is to be done ?

I can not think more. Money lenders are daily coming to my home and abusing me. I tried to arrange to money to repay but I could not arrange the money to repay my loans.

I did apply for crop loan case in bank but banker too has not given me the money yet.

Money Leander has threatened me to arrange the money otherwise they will take away tinplates fitted to my house.
But I am not having five paisa today how can I repay my loan.

I think over this crisis, lot of time and then decided, I should die instead of living.
Should I hang myself or take poison to die ?
Money Leander REKHA NAMDEO NIKHADE’S debt RS. 5000/- has a quarrel with me and manager of money Lender Nurru Seth is always coming to my house, asking for RS. 4000/- to pay back. This has made me mad.

No banker has given me the loan.

I have my wife, two son, and marriageable daughter, and how to do daughter’s marriage.

I have no money at home, one son is critically ill and suffering from T.B.

Nobody, including police and politicians, should trouble my family, hence I have written this letter in detail.

Yours faithfully,
Shri Govinda Zeetruji Junghare
Vidarbha, Maharashtra,
( Home State of Indian Cricket Minister )

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